International implementation consultant (German Speaker)

Looking for a job where you go in-depth? Do you try to figure something out for yourself before you ask someone else for help? And, do you enjoy explaining complex concepts to others in easy to understand language? 

We are looking for an international support consultant (German speaker) who presents our Easy LMS in a friendly and honest way. 

Job description

Our goal is ambitious and your job will be challenging. As an international support consultant, you’ll enable our prospective and current clients to make optimal use of our next generation e-learning and test platform.

You’ll onboard new clients, learn how clients use the platform, and collaborate closely with the Product & Development team to improve existing features in our platform. You’ll often be the go-to person for functional and technical client questions.

You understand our prospective and current clients’  needs and struggles.  You will play a critical role in communicating client feedback about the products in our portfolio to product owners and product managers.

Your responsibilities

You’ll be responsible for the implementation and account management of our clients:

  • Give product demonstration to our clients.
  • Provide client call-back services to check on their progress and satisfaction with Easy LMS.
  • Help our clients each step of the way in implementing our software. 
  • Develop technical knowledge and understanding of all Easy LMS products to provide support to clients. 
  • Qualify and record needs of clients for further product development.
  • Inform clients about all (new) product functionalities.
  • Create proposals for customized projects and create project technical briefings. 
  • Create and edit (current) Help articles to improve the self-service for our customers.  

Your main focus will be the German market, but you will also support clients from different nations. 

A day at the office, completely corona-proof :-) 

9:00 Hello office, hello new day, hello nice espresso. You check your schedule for today. It’s a busy one. Two demos are planned: one with a headquarters of a hotel chain located in München and one with a German beer supplier. 

9:15 You start by answering questions in Crisp. Most of the easy questions have already been answered by our automated bot. Only one complicated question is left. 

10.00 You have some time to write a how-to article about a feature that was released yesterday. Fun! After you’ve finished the article you share it with your colleagues in Slack for a peer review. If they approve it, you’ll publish it. 

11.30 Demo time with München! You demonstrate the LMS, scope the prospect’s needs, and discuss how Easy LMS can be a viable solution. An interesting use case with some specific needs, which you immediately discuss with the product owner afterward. 

12.30 Lunchtime!  We serve an extensive bread lunch with grilled cheese sandwiches and boiled eggs. Is today hamburger or croquette day? 

13.00 You have a weekly team meeting. During the meeting you discuss some difficult questions from the past week and discuss how we can give better product demonstrations. You commit yourself to a research task for product tour software. 

14.30 You take another look at Crisp. A few new questions. You assign these to your colleagues because you have a call. The client is already happy with the tool.  He is even happier when you show him a way to address his problem by using a feature within the product that he was unaware of. 

16.00 You send the hotel chain in München a summary of the meeting. You suggest that they can start with our Corporate Owl subscription first and upgrade to a higher plan later in the project. You record this information within the sales CRM to help the product owner see what types of clients typically convert from a demo to paid subscription.  

16.30 A client calls with multiple questions. How can he set up the maximum number of attempts per user? How can he import session results from exams? You help him out and provide him a link to the Help Center.  

17.00 You end the day by updating a how-to article, because some features have changed.  

17.30 You finish your task and have a sneak peek in your agenda. Busy day tomorrow: four demo’s are planned, also some non-German ones.  

What we're looking for

The most important thing is your personality and drive. To be the right person for this role, you should:

  • Be excited about helping people. 
  • Be action-oriented, driven, and positive. 
  • Have ambition and demonstrate a high level of productivity.
  • Be focused on achieving your goals and the organizational KPIs.
  • Be able to understand the setup at the client’s side and adjust your support accordingly.

Besides this, we expect you to: 

  • Speak German as a first language or at a similar level. 
  • Speak English as a first language or at a similar level.
  • Thrive in a fast-paced environment.
  • Have excellent communication skills and enjoy reaching out to clients. 
  • Have a desire to bring structure into client communication.
  • Take initiative and find projects to help address certain things in the tool. 
  • Work at our office in Delft (it’s corona-proof!) 
  • Be available for 32-40 hours a week. 
  • Have a working and thinking level: bachelor / higher professional education 

What can you expect from us 

  • An open and informal team of young and experienced colleagues. We are an  international company: the Netherlands, Brazil, England, France and the United States of America are represented. Our language of communication is English. 
  • We like to grow. We'll challenge you to get out of your comfort zone so you can learn new things and develop your skills. You can read about it on our blog
  • Extensive guidance from colleagues.Excellent working conditions.  

Apply now

About Easy LMS

Easy LMS is a fast-growing company that produces a Learning Management System SaaS solution. We have over 2,000 clients in more than 120 countries, and we are aiming to triple our size in the next three years. Our team is international and is primarily based in Delft. We are a small, agile company and we have a collegial culture of supporting each other as a team. Our aim is also to be a calm company where you can be proud of your achievements. 

Our application procedure  

Step 1: You apply

You send us your English motivation letter and resume to We’ll respond as soon as possible. 

Step 2: Let’s meet

We have our first meeting (in person). We’ll tell you more about us and Easy LMS, and you’ll tell us more about yourself. Our goal? To see if we click.

Step 3: Let’s meet again

If there was a spark, we’ll meet again (in person). We’ll give you more details about the job.  

Step 4: We make a proposal

We’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse.  

Step 5: Welcome to Easy LMS

If you sign the contract, we’ll choose the start date of your new job. We’ll welcome you to our team with champagne,  even if you work abroad. Tip: start practicing how to open a champagne bottle.


Apply now

Your contact person will be Caroline. Send her your motivation letter and resume on She will respond as soon as possible. Need more information? Use the same email or call +31 15 256 82 62. 

Message for recruiters and headhunters

We understand that you want to look for candidates for this vacancy, but we prefer to do that ourselves.