Job Offer Senior Software Developer (php)

We are looking for a Senior Software Developer (php) for 32 to 40 hours a week. We're looking for someone to work on the products of our start-up companies: Easy LMS and Lean Library. Both fast growing international SaaS companies. 

You will be working in close contact with the Product Owner to improve our online products. You'll become part of our team of back-end developers, front-end developers, designers, support staff and product specialists. You will be involved in import product design decisions on how to evolve the product.

A day at the office

You enter at around 9.30 am. You have a look at the backlog in Jira to see which user story has the highest priority. You grab a cup of coffee (or tea) while PHPStorm is updating your project to the latest GIT repository on your virtual machine. The taste of fresh coffee (or tea) makes for a good start of the day.

Easy LMS is running on the Amazon Cloud. Before you add new instances to improve performance you prefer to a few queries so they can scale with the growing customer base of Easy LMS. A challenging and analytical task. This is a perfect fit for you. 

At 10 o'clock we have a short stand-up with the whole team. You tell everybody what you worked on the day before and what you will be working on today. You ask what stories can be burned. After you investigate whether a junior developer needs your help you turn your attention to the task at hand. 

After, let's say, the first hour, you finish your first sub-task. You run your tests. No problems there. Nice! You push your code to Bitbucket. Our Jenkins server starts a complete build of the project. If any problems arise you will be automatically notified through slack. 

At 12.30 o'clock sharp we have lunch with the whole office. No need to bring your owb, we provide bread, grilled cheese sandwich, eggs and many other spreads and meats. Or it may be your lucky day and the menu offers hamburgers or a "kroket" (one of the dutchiest snacks around). We discuss the latest tv shows, games or which movies will be nominated for the Insyde Film Festival. Or you brag about your latest sports achievements to your colleagues (no worries, lots of us do). 

After lunch you do a code review with one of the junior developers. You do this to help to solve the problem he's been working on but also to teach him how to get it done the next time. You do this so we create better maintainable solutions. Afterwards you discuss your own solution with the Product Owner. You agree the story is finished and you update the burndown chart. 

You get a notification something needs fixing online. You start a hotfix and begin solving the bug. Jenkins builds the hotfix, runs all tests and if everything works ok, your fixes will be deployed to the live server automatically. Everybody happy again. 

Just before 18 o'clock you finish the task at hand and commit your work. You log your hours: 8 of working hours and 6.5 user points burnt. Right on schedule for your velocity.  

Wait, one more thing...

We don't do overtime. We don't even know what it means :-) We Scrum, so we  are able to build efficiently and focus on the most important features for the project and clients. You'll be scheduled four days a week to work in sprints for our projects. The rest of the time you can work on quality improvements. 

What we're looking for

  • It's your dream job to program
  • You like to challenge yourself with new techniques and tools 
  • Can work well both individually and in a team
  • A graduate with a 1st or 2:1 level university degree
  • You have thorough knowledge of OO patterns and PHP frameworks (we use YII). 
  • You have been working for at least 5 years in different projects using OO PHP, MySQL and Javascript. 
  • You like working in and contributing to an environment where quality code and quality products matter. 

About us

  • We're agile since 2010 
  • We like to grow. We'll challenge you to get out of your comfort zone so you can learn stingsand develop your skills
  • Making mistakes is fine, provided you turn them into lessons. We like continuous improvement and you will often hear the term "Kaizen" in the office. 
  • We also like to have fun, that's why we lunch together, have Friday afternoon drinks and will host a Movie Festival every once in a while. 

Us Insyders are young and passionate about our job. We thrive on challenging complex projects and like to have some fun now and then. Our office is in Delft Center near the train station. 

Want to start? 

You can contact Caroline Heijkoop - de Vor through or +31 15 256 82 62. Send your resume and motivation to

Message for recruiters

We understand that you want to look for candidates for this vacancy, but we prefer to do that ourselves.